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By egmehl
Is there a way to import an mxs file into solidworks, either as regular geometry or even better as an mxs reference? I normally work in Max where this is possible and unfortunately don't have access to solidworks to play around with it myself. Is this what the "import scene data" command does that the solidworks documentation talks about?

Basically I want to import walls, props, lighting, etc for a scene to surround the product for the rendering.

Any recommendations? Maybe I need to combine an export from Solidworks with my scene in Maxwell Studio?
By JDHill
Import/Export Scene Data deals with the settings you find (roughly speaking) in Studio's Render Options and Environment panels. There is no MXS-import functionality; however, MXS References are implemented in the plugin as a property (file path to the MXS) that you can set on a body, in the context of an assembly. At export, that body (however many instances of it may be present) will not be exported, with the referenced MXS being loaded instead, using the transformation of the body. You can put whatever geometry you like in the body, since it ends up being ignored.
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