By mtripoli
This is a carry over post from the "Off Topic" section. I was looking for a "poly modeler" that had SW like tools. "Hatts" mentioned Power Surfacing ... rview.html. I've watched all the demo videos (kind of stupid the way they set up the page; you have to enter your info through the download Demo button before you can see the videos). That not withstanding, I watched all the videos and was very impressed with what I saw for functionality. Is anyone using this now? Anything similar? I think $750, though not "cheap" seems appropriate. I used to use Lightwave for modeling poly's, but as you may know, not a straight shot into SW. This looks really cool, I'd like to hear what others think.
By hatts
Did you grab the demo? There's a free trial. I've played with it a bit and can confirm it's as magical as it seems. I haven't really pushed it to extreme limits yet though.

If you've got extra cash lying around it's worth buying now because this is just a pre-release price; it will almost certainly be more expensive after its official release.
By mtripoli
I did get the demo, but I'm still on SW2010. I'm hoping that with a couple more jobs coming in to upgrade SW and buy Power Surfacing.
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By Eric Lagman
I bought it, and it works good. There are some minor annoying things that they are still sorting out like being able to use the plugin while editing in the context of assembly. Overall I am very impressed and think it will only get better with time. If you need to model organics in solidworks I would definitely recommend it for the limited time $750 price it is a good deal.
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