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By b-kandor
Hi JD,

I hope its not related, but I noticed that since installing the maxwell for solidworks plugin, photoview360 keeps crashing making me unable to render.
By JDHill
I just checked and was able to observe a similar Photoview crash, as well as some apparent hangs, but only when having Maxwell Fire actively rendering, and with Photoview rendering directly into the viewport. So there is at least some kind of problem there, but I couldn't tell you what it might be, since the plugin knows nothing of Photoview. Multi-threaded stuff like this can be tricky, I can tell you that much. In the worst case, if it seems unrelated to rendering in Maxwell Fire for you, I suppose you could just temporarily disable the Maxwell plugin when you need to render in Photoview.
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By b-kandor
It is, believe it or not, the maxwell for modo plugin. As soon as I uninstalled it, photoview started working again with no trouble.
By JDHill
Who knows what happens there. I do believe that Photoview is a Luxology thing, and it does run outside of the SolidWorks process. So who knows what bits and pieces may be loaded from the file system. Not sure what a Modo plugin could have to do with it, though, and as I say, I was able to get it to crash & hang here, and I don't own Modo. But at least it seems you've been able to get things going.
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By b-kandor
It is strange. Modo runs regardless. Photoview runs fine with your plugin loaded and running. But photoview crashes every time with the maxwell for modo plugin installed.


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