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By b-kandor

I installed the latest plugin 2.7.1 for sw2012 sp4, it shows in the addin list but will not activate no matter what. I followed the vcredist_x64 repair tip already to no avail!
By JDHill
First, look on your desktop and see if there is a file named MW4SW_LOAD_ERROR.txt. If there is, please email it to me at jeremy at nextlimit dotcom. Beyond that, there would be a few questions:
  1. Which version of Windows are you using?
  2. Has Windows been updated recently?
  3. Have any drivers been updated recently?
  4. Has your monitor configuration been changed?
  5. Has SolidWorks been updated recently?
  6. If so, before or after plugin 2.7.10 was installed?
  7. Was a previous version of the plugin installed?
  8. Can you confirm that plugin & SW architectures (x86/x64) match?
  9. Have you already tried a clean uninstall/reinstall of the plugin?
A quick thing to try before much else might be to go to AppData/Roaming and rename the MaxwellDotNET folder, in case there is something wrong with preferences files and such. As far as uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin goes, it would be good (in case an older version has been installed) before reinstallation, to open Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Configuration (it is in Adminstrative Tools), go to Manage the Assembly Cache > View List of Assemblies in the Assembly Cache, and confirm that no Maxwell-related items appear.
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By b-kandor
Hi JD, its been a while! Hope all is well. This computer probably had 2011 with the plugin installed, then had 2011 removed and now the new plugin installed, so it's likely there is some old stuff causing problems. I'm not sure where the old plugin would have left it's footprint?

By JDHill
I hope all is well with you, too. :) Those items I mentioned above, including what you find in the Assembly Cache, should be the only things that the plugin creates on your machine, and besides for the user prefs folder (and the Maxwell output folder in Documents, of course), they should go away when you run the uninstaller, provided the Windows Installer database is healthy. It never hurts to check and make sure, though, between uninstall/reinstall, especially when problems are cropping up. I can't really speculate much, without knowing the answers to the above questions, though.
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