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By dk2079
please try these steps: (3.1.5 plugin)

-open new scene

-make new material

-change eg. ref 0 to red.

-make snapshot > ref 0 color jumps back to default grey! (and any other value would too)

even stranger: when you then click in the material layer tree up on the "layer"(folder icon) and back to the BSDF nothing changes, BUT if you click on the "material" (with the orange "m" icon) and then on the BSDF the changes will suddenly be back. so it looks to be (also) a UI refresh issue. However if one keeps on saving snapshots old data seems to get overridden somehow too,.. so not all snapshot remain saved correctly.

basically, change ref to red, make snapshot, change to blue make snapshot, change to yellow make snapshot,etc.... and try to navigate between these does not reveal the correct entries.

frankly I haven't used that feature much, I noticed some odd behavior a while ago, but now I am pretty sure it wasn't me playing tricks on myself :)
By JDHill
Thanks, I see what you mean, and indeed, it appears to be due to some UI refresh issue.

I find that a partial workaround is to select the top-level Material node before you store the snapshot; then, when returning to that snapshot, you'll need to click on a BSDF/etc afterward, and the values will be restored properly in the UI. It is only a partial workaround, though, because the snapshots are "live", meaning that if you take snapshots A, B, and C, then when you return to B, you're not just presetting the material to what B's state was when it was saved (how MXED works), but rather, you're actually editing the B snapshot, and with the UI remembering the currently-selected node for each material, switching to A, then back to B, you'll find that once again the previously-selected BSDF is selected; so you would always need to select the top-level Material node prior to switching, for the workaround to work.

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