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By Hillmeister
Some colleagues who are using Rhino are experiencing problems with scenes created in Rhino. Somehow displacement gets in the scene, but won't/can't be purged. When sending the scene to Maxwell the renderprogress explodes somewhat in RAM and everything freezes up or simply crashes. Fire does work in Rhino, but that's not taking displacement into account?

Unchecking "displacement" in studio does solve the problem. First we thought displacement was still in the scene somehow, but we can't find any proof it was in and it's certainly not in anymore. It looks like displacement sneeks in :lol:

We are still running 3.1, update will hopefully be for the end of the year. Maybe we do something wrong, but the problem was not occuring before?

Help is much appreciated :wink:
By JDHill
The only answer I am going to be able to give is to update to Maxwell 3.2 (and the corresponding plugin), on the assumption that this will be something that has already been fixed. There have, at times, been issues reported which may have been similar to how this one sounds, but there have been several updates, to both Maxwell and the plugin, since 3.1, and I'm not currently aware of the existence of any such issue. Of course, just on principle, I'd recommend initially updating one machine as a test, to make sure that the transition is going to go smoothly.
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By Hillmeister
Thanks JD,

Allthough I was expecting this reply a bit, I will forward this to my colleagues and advice them to test it with an updated version.


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