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By dk2079
when there is an error message in FIRE (like the subD thing we talked about) the bar that usually shows the Progress (loading, voxelization) will be hidden by the message. and one does not know if the process is actually still going on; it can take some while due to displacement, subD etc. to complete and it would be nice to still see what is happening.
By JDHill
That is not in the plugin's control, the messages (and progress indication) come from the render engine.
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By dk2079
I see.. so you are just plotting what message the engine gives, and can't differentiate between error and progress, if I understand.
nevermind then.
By JDHill
Yes, that's about it -- the plugin is notified of progress, and of any messages that are sent by the engine (and in turn, by any extension that may want to do so).
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