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By dk2079
is it somehow possible to only convert the material of the selected object from Rhino to Maxwell?

as far as i understand the command now it always globally scans the file for any non maxwell material and converts them (potentially creating a material mess because of all sort of scene geometry that can not undergo full maxwell treatment)

By JDHill
There is no option for operating on only selected objects, but the command ignores hidden objects, so given that you have an object selection, you could create a toolbar button with the following script:
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_-RunScript (
  Rhino.Command "_NoEcho _SetRedrawOff "
  Rhino.Command "_NoEcho _Invert _Group _Enter _Hide _Enter "
  Rhino.Command "_NoEcho _Maxwell_ExtractMaterials A "
  Rhino.Command "_NoEcho _Show _Sellast _Ungroup _Invert "
  Rhino.Command "_NoEcho _SetRedrawOn "
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By dk2079
Hi Jeremy,

thanks for the macro.. but before I could even respond to the limitations this might have.. you already coded something better into the new update as I see from the Updates page..

many thanks for the work on this and the other helpful improvements!
By JDHill
Well, it was something that simply hadn't occurred to me when I originally created the command, but the plugin function it calls internally already takes a "selected objects only" argument, so it was just a matter of adding a couple new options to the command.

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