Hi Jeremy,

when rendering this view I noticed that the reflections on the bottle are off when rendering to external maxwell.
or are they off in Fire?

I am using a 500mm camera; using the parallel view was cutting off the bottom of the bottle with the ground plane.
at the bottom of the bottle one can see that the reflection of the groundplane is also different.

I remember there might be some limitations with long lenses in rhino but if fire can render it maxwell.exe should be able to render it too, or?


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I believe the reflections that you're referring to are refracted light reflecting from the inside of the bottle; technically, these would be rendered by the draft engine (i.e. Maxwell FIRE) eventually, but the probability of finding such light paths is very low with that engine, as compared to using the production one. Maxwell FIRE excels at finding direct lighting in a scene, in even the earliest sampling levels, which is why it is used for interactive rendering.

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