By kami
Hi Jeremy
In the old plugin version (whenever you would have a missing texture) and you would fix one texture per material, it would automatically fix all the other textures for the same material, if they would be found in the same folder. For instance if you fix all the bump and relection textures. In the new plugin you will have to fix every texture of that material manually.
Is that an intentional change?
By JDHill
Is Options > Search Paths > Perform Path Checking enabled? It should, and appears to, be working fine.
By kami
it does not work on my machine ... Search path is enabled.
I created a new rhino file on the desktop and put three textures on the desktop and used those textures as different maps for a material.
Then I closed rhino and moved all the textures from the desktop to c:\
now, when I open the rhino file, the textures are missing.
when I fix the first one and point it to the texture on c:\ the other ones stay red
By JDHill
The thumbnails for the texture buttons will not update immediately, but rather the next time they are needed, for example, switching materials, or BSDFs, or even just hovering the mouse over the button. However, that is not different from a previous plugin version, so I guess it is not a factor here.

All I'm left with is to say that I can't be 100% sure what you mean by saying "Search path is enabled." I assume you are referring to the Perform Path Checking option I mentioned, is that correct?
By kami
Yes, I meant the perform path checking, sorry.
I tried what you said and fixed the first texture, but the other ones are not fixed.


I know it worked in the plugin before, that you would have to hover over the icon to see if it worked. And that always did, but now it's still shown red here, even though the texture is in the same folder as the repaired texture above.
By JDHill
I'm still not sure why that wouldn't be working, but on another note, I notice that your Search Depth of 5 and use of the root C:\ drive for storing a texture may result in maybe some thousands folders (think of the Windows dir, the Program Files dirs, etc) being searched for textures. So, I have uploaded a new build (3.1.2) which changes behavior in this area; it only adds directories inside the current one for those specifically listed in the plugin Options page (as opposed to now, when the plugin adds search paths opportunistically, such as when you browse for a file). I also put a hard limit of 255 subdirectories that can be added automatically, per specified search path, in order to avoid cases like this one, where a ridiculous number of directories ends up being searched.
By kami
I did not fix the texture by adding C:\ to the search path, but by manually relinking one of the missing textures. In that case, the other ones wouldn't fix themselves automatically (they did in the older plugin).
I only copied that file to c:\ to have it in a different place than I usually do. I'm totally aware, that it is a stupid place to store files :)

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