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By greengreen
I've been using V2 for years for architectural viz and I am really excited about the volumetrics in V3 and I finally upgraded. I can't seem to get it to work at all though...any tips? I created an extension and added to a box and a plane. I can't see anything, so I made these objects a green material and increased the "Density" to 99900, thinking that was high and i would see something, but no volumetrics.

I checked the documentation, but I didn't learn anything there. I also tried .003 based on Wynott's thread, but I didn't get a result yet.

I'm probably missing something ridiculously simple, but it's like these objects aren't even in my scene.
By JDHill
There is a problem with some of the extensions, if you try to use Maxwell, so please try deleting your Maxwell 3 folder (in program files/next limit), and reinstalling, using the Maxwell installer.
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By greengreen
I reinstalled, and it works now. Although, the box I used to apply the volumetric to is not completely filled and has strange fragments missing. Is there anything else I can do to get the results I want? As you can see in the image, the box goes up higher on the windows, and it is not completely filled in at the top middle.

Its a workaround, but I can probably just stretch the box well beyond the camera's view and I'll be lowering the density for my purposes, so that may work.

By JDHill
That would be something happening in the engine (I've seen it before, and reported something similar), not something under the plugin's control. I assume I am looking at a FIRE render there on the left -- does the same occur when you send the scene to Maxwell for actual rendering?
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By greengreen
hmmm, different results with the actual render. Here is fire and the render side by side.

I'm just testing things out, this isn't for a project. I just realized though, my plug-in is newer than the render engine, maybe thats my problem. BTW, I just see the one version of the plug-in in the download area.

Version 5 SR9 64-bit
(5.9.40609.20145, 6/9/2014)

Maxwell Render

Maxwell for Rhino

By JDHill
Your installed versions are fine (they are binary-compatible within 3.0.x versions). As for the effect, the two engines use some very different code internally, so you can sometimes find inconsistencies between them. I've seen a similar effect with volumetrics in FIRE before, and reported it to the core developers. That, and I believe this, is fixed in the 3.0.13 Maxwell beta (though as mentioned above, there are issues using extensions from that version of Maxwell with the plugin).

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