By sebowitz
Hi Im still very green and are trying to find my ways around in maxwell render univers. I would like to to learn more about IES Light and possible volumetric. is volumetric a new thing for V3?. I'm trying to make shaft of light from the emitter. If any one have solution to making shaft of light as if the room was smoky or foggy I would like to know. I found a grainy video on youtube about IES Light but could not really make out what was going on. Does any one know of a resource place where i could learn more about any of these subject.

By JDHill
Volumetrics are indeed something new for V3. An IES file is a file that has been generated by analyzing a particular light fixture; to create a material that uses an IES, create a new emitter material, and edit its emitter component to refer to an IES file. You can find several of these included in the ies folder of your Maxwell Render installation (typically Program Files\Next Limit\Maxwell 2\ies). To better preview how the IES file renders, you may want to go to the top-level node in the material tree, and set the preview scene to be "emitter_ies" as this has been designed for previewing IES files. You can then try assigning this material to a Rhino spotlight to get an idea of how they work. However, as you will find, though IES files enable the rendering of an emitter that has a particular "shape", they do not cause you to see light beams in space, since there is nothing in that space from which to reflect, in Maxwell 2.

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