By adamwade
A little off topic, but I'm on Rhino 4 and want to know if there's any issue's if I go to version 5 ? I don't built much in Rhino, but import to it for Maxwell. Can I still use Rhino 5 on two computers with the network turned off ?

Mostly I want to keep up to date, but not add problems.

By raja
Did not face any problems with Rhino 5 with regard to maxwell, been using it since early 2012 (when it was in beta stage).
Rhino 5 has some serious improvements over Rhino 4.
For one, Rhino 5 is available in 64 bit version also, better for handling larger files. You might find Gumball useful in handling scenes (/objects in your scenes).
About using Rhino 5 on two computers (simultaneously), i don't think that is allowed in the license agreement. McNeel has a 'Zoo' licensing for this, don't know too much about that.
By Polyxo
I can't think of anything which could get considered a disadvantage of Rhino5 - which is on it's Service release 6 already.
These things come to my mind which might be helpful, even if you don't use any of Rhino's modeling tools but just take it
as your render host, probably for Nurbs geo from other sources.

- 64 bit - you'll be able to load larger models
- better standard projectors for textures (still not ideal but better)
- improved .obj importer
- nicer texture display in the viewport
- immediate viewport update of externally updated texures
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