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By greengreen
For some reason a green light has showed up in my rendering.

I am doing an exterior rendering of a building, and in my first render test, there were no interior lights, and all the windows were black.

For my second render test, I added a light to the interior of a room, behind a window...and this strange green glow showed up. The emitter is not green. Just to be sure, I created a new emitter and tried it again, but the green glow was still there. I also removed the emitter and looked at the sunlight going through the glass, and it was green.


I then thought it was somehow a property of the glass. I tried a few different glass materials, and then created a brand new AGS with the wizard...but the green glow was still there. This is strange because the glass materials that I tried have had no problems in other models.

What might be causing this??? Thank you!





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By JDHill
I don't think it will be possible to say much without looking at the model, so if you could upload that to dropbox or similar, I'll take a look and see what's going on.
By JDHill
Fernando Tella wrote:Let me guess: one sided glass?
That's what it looks like, but then there is the mention of using AGS. So there could be some problem with material assignment.
By JDHill
SSS color should not be black?
It would make no difference, provided the black transmittance color is actually black, which it is, according to the disabled Attenuation params. And even were that not the case, notice is attenuation is set to 1nm, and Nd to 20.0 -- even with full (white) transmittance, this material would basically be a mirror. And also note that the coef value is zero, so SSS would not be in play, even with all these other factors put aside.

Which is why I say that this is a single-thickness plane, with a dielectric applied -- a material assignment problem, being either the fault of the user, or of the plugin. Which is why I need to see the model.
By JDHill
Thanks, that clarifies things. The problem is the same with all the windows that I checked: they are block instances, where inside the block definition, the window pane has a material directly assigned (meaning, assigned by "Object" in Obj Props > Material), which means that your AGS material, assigned to layer WINDOWS > Glass, is not actually being used for those window panes. If you want geometry appearing in a block instance to "inherit" either a material assigned to that instance, or to that instance's layer, then the geometry needs to be set to use the by "Parent" material assignment method, inside the block definition. Or to put it more generally, any geometry which uses by "Object" assignment will never inherit a material -- it will use the specified material in all cases.

Since it can become pretty tricky to manage this (though definitely better in V5, with its Block Edit feature), I generally find the quickest way to get an idea of what's going on, when any question arises, is to export to Studio and take a look at what's actually ended up being assigned.
Thanks JDHill, I thought it must be a user error, I just couldn't figure out what I did wrong.
I'll apply the material by "layer" so that the entire window unit (frame + glass) doesn't end up as one material.


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