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By polynurb
forgot about this.. i think right now it is not possible to drag hdrs from the explorer into the environment slots.
a rhino dialogue will ask how to deal with it.

would be helpful if this is possible in a future version.. because explorer won't show hdrs in a efficient way i always browse them externally, and so it takes a while to get them where they should be.


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By polynurb

btw. since a few versions i have noticed:

when draging the bkgrnd hdr to the other slots, the illumination slot will not show any controls.

one has to switch the mode of it and back again in order to bring them up.

then they do however show the right values and work as expected, so it is just some glitch initializing it.
By JDHill
I don't seem able to reproduce that -- do you have a specific set of steps I can use to do so? Or is it something that only happens intermittently?
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By polynurb
here it always happens when:

makes new scene,

go environment tab,

choose image based (bkg will show "disabled")

choose bkg map

ctrl+shift drag it to eg. reflection (that is what makes the difference..)

illumination will have no controls.

if just dragging directly into it , it is actually fine as you noticed.
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By polynurb
thanks for confirming!
JDHill wrote: (btw, holding shift does nothing here).
ture, ture.. i kept on trying to duplicate the slots values by doing so, and i thought if i am persistent enough, the plugin might follow at some point :mrgreen:

(no big deal as ctrl+shift still works when changing values.. so it is a quick fix)
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