Is it me or is there a problem with Rhino's (v4) spherical mapping widget ? I'm trying to make a circular brushed metal pattern, which I would normally use a standard horizontal brush map with a sphere projector. If the sphere mapping widget is rotated so that the polar end of the sphere is pointing normal to the object surface then I used to get a circular brushed material. Now I only get a weird jagged line mess.

Any thoughts ?


just adding to what JD mentioned, i have seen that sometimes rhino v4 doesn't pick up custom mesh changes immediately.

in your case, to be 100% sure, run "refreshShade" command on the object in question, it will force the rebuild of the rendermesh.

also if your object is a flat plane, or has several planar faces, you will need to set the max edge length attribute in detailed controls settings to get a finer tesselation.(make sure simple planes is NOT checked)


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