By JDHill
Maxwell for Rhino
Version 2.7.27

  • MXS Reference proxy geometry is now put on current layer.
  • Texture Tile X/Y are now able to accept negative input.
  • Export cancellation is now by ESC instead of CTRL+ALT+SHIFT.
  • Optimized checking of whether objects have motion blur.
  • End/Cancel Animation now work for Bongo animations.
  • Added new Maxwell_SetIesDiameter command.
  • Added new Maxwell_RemoveGrassFromSelectedObjects command.
  • Added Remove from Selected Objects to the extensions context menu.
  • Added new "ToFire" option on Maxwell_Render command.

  • Fixed a problem with animated rotational motion blur.
  • Disable Extensions checkbox was not initialized correctly.
  • Fire image was not shown in viewport unless camera was locked.
  • Hidden MXS meshes were shown in proxy MXS representation.

Downloads (if I find these linked anywhere, I'll remove them)
  • This build addresses some issues and requests arising from the previous 2.7.25 build. Most of the changes are self-explanatory, but I will comment on a couple of them. It was requested that the size of spheres generated for IES lights be adjustable, in case this could affect performance; I cannot comment on whether or not it does, but regardless, you can now control this using the Maxwell_SetIesDiameter command. The purpose of the "ToFire" option on Maxwell_Render is to allow sending only the currently-selected objects to Maxwell Fire; this can be used by running Maxwell_Render directly, or by creating a simple macro (in a toolbar button): Maxwell_Render ToFire=Yes RenderSelectedObjects.
By JDHill
There shouldn't be, but if so, please include detailed steps by which I may reproduce it, since it is working fine in my tests.
By dsr

With the new update, the mxs referencing does appear to be using the scene manager option search paths, but only if a specific folder for the textures is specified (vs. a relative path whereby the program uses a depth search capability).

Specific Path: (fails) ... /lightbox/

Relative Path: (renders) ... /lightbox/

Do you think this can be tweaked to work?

By JDHill
Yes, I just forgot about the search depth parameter when adding those paths. Maxwell itself has no search depth concept, so I actually need to scan N-levels into each given path and add every sub-path I can find, at export time.
By kami
Hi Jeremy
When you have an emitter inside a block instance and you mirror this block, then the emitter won't shine. Is that a bug?
If you just mirror and emitter it works fine!
By JDHill
Mirroring the block apparently reverses the direction of faces, causing light to shine in the opposite direction. It is easily reproducible using just Studio, so I'll mention it to the engine developers.
By JDHill
Disabling instances won't have any effect, because in that case, the mesh is still written the same as before, except that this happens once for each block instance, rather than an instance being created. Exploding the block instance changes things, because now you just have two unrelated meshes, and in Rhino, there is no transform applied at all, since those meshes exist absolutely, in world space.
By kami
Hi Jeremy
The 'Cache Meshes' does not work as I expect. I switched some textures in a material or disabled/enabled different BSDF and they all rendered the same, because it took the old settings. I thought cache meshes would only use the last geometry and the material infos could be changed?
The same goes if you render a region with cache meshes. Then it'll always only render this region if you want do do a full render.
Best, Kami
By JDHill
I guess the name may be slightly misleading -- it means the whole scene, not just meshes. However, materials are updated in the data before writing an MXS, so I'm not sure what you might be looking at, and will take a look. As for the render region, if I recall correctly (I am out of town, currently), it is not possible to clear this, so a new export would be necessary.

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