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By arch3d
Again me :)

Please check if you have same issue.

If i edit projection plane (camera-->projection plane-->enable) in Softimage i got infinite DOF in Maxwell (even if i set up F-Stop 1 and Shuttter 4000)

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By Mihai
What scale did you export at? It also matters what the film aperture is set to because by default it will create a very small film aperture (sensor) and a short focal length, and if you export at the 1 SI unit = 1m, most likely the DOF will be infinite.

Too bad the film aperture is set to inches in SI, but a full frame DSLR sensor size of 36mm x 24mm would be 1.4173 x 0.9449, or just use the Slide 24x36 format preset in camera properties. Then you can change the focal length under projection plane and it will work properly.
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