By Frank1000
I'm using the alpha of a .png to define the layers opacity. but though the alpha shows well in SI preview (texture decal), it shows wired in the image ppg and in the final render. The layer transparency also seems not to come through 100% yet.


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By Mihai
Does it work if you instead use a Maxwell texture node? The Maxwell texture node also has a "AlphaOnly" option for alpha channels embedded in Tifs etc, I don't think it's needed in the case of a PNG which doesn't use channels, but try with alphaonly on/off to see if it makes a difference.
Make sure the PNG is not in some weird format. I think Maxwell only works properly with 24-bit PNGs (with or without alpha). If it's an indexed format, try converting it to RGB first. If that doesn't help, could you give me a simple scene which exhibits the problem, along with that texture? My email is
Hi Mihnea,
thx for reply. Tif works perfect.

Using the SI image node wasn't producing any difference.

.png RGB 8bit already in SI has trouble to display the texture right. Same texture content as .tif above comes depicted as kind of a "Space Invader" shooter icon instead :)


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