By Zybrand
Hey guys,

I'm working on a mixing fluids effect and I'm using the Maxwell RFRK mesher for the first time.
I imported the sequences and it meshes together well, I just don't know how to assign different colours based on which fluid particles its building from?

Take a look at the "Blend material" section on this page: ... ell+Mesher. The documentation shows how to configure the material using the Maxwell material editor, but it works the same if you're using a SI embedded material. In short, the mesher object will generate one UV channel for each fluid, and the coordinates will represent the contribution of the fluid at each point. Therefore, you can create a material with as many layers as there are fluids and apply a black to white ramp as a mask on each layer, using the corresponding UV channel. The final result will be a blend of the layers based on the fluid contributions at each point.
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