if I try to select an image sequence (say with files named sky.0001.hdr, sky.0002.hdr) the renderer says that the texture cannot be found. Basically the nearest frame to current scene time needs to be found in the image sequence and the correct path parsed and sent to Maxwell.

Right now it looks for something literal like this:
...where "sky_env" has 50 frames and is padded with 4 digits.

This should become "C:\\Temp\\sky\\sky_env.0036.hdr" if I am at frame 36 in the timeline.
I'd be happy with something simple like "C:\\Temp\\sky\\sky_env.%04d.hdr" or "C:\\Temp\\sky\\sky_env.####.hdr"

It would be really fantastically useful to be able to render sequences of images such as timelapses or even a sequence of hdr images with different lighting since it would cut down on my pass creation time dramatically.


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