By mixepix

There is a bug when you import a model with a material which has the same name as a material on another model in the scene. MR can see the difference as Softimage make local material libraries for each imported model but Maxwell will just overwrite one of them.

By raduc
Hi Mikael,

I tried exporting a simple scene as dotXSI and then importing it back after I changed some values and XSI generated new materials when the name was already used.

What version of XSI and the plugin are you using?
Also can you tell me what are the steps that you take when you get this behavior ?
By mixepix
I'm using 2.7.7 in 2013 sp1. I'm usually getting it when I've imported a model (through emdl) and then create a new material. This material of course get auto-named with a generic name like Material2 and if I forget to change this and there already is a Material2 on the imported model I will get weird results. Did I make sense? :)
By raduc
mixepix wrote:Did I make sense? :)
Yes, I found the problem, it's going to be fixed in the next build.

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