I'm building up my own library with object's and materials in cinema 4d using the content browser presets library, for a more comfortable workflow. It's working fine as long as I use the library on my iMac but trying to export the library to another computer, changing the system or sharing the material lib with someone else I've got the following issue: I've to fix all links for the materials by hand, very time consuming.
My question is if someone knows a possibility to organize the objects or material lib like the native workflow within cinema materials and objects. Fore example to store the textures in a separate folder within the library where I build up my object or material lib. Hope someone knows what I'm talking about and can help solving this issue.
The standard way in Maxwell is to put referenced files in a "textures" directory next to the file (mxm/mxs) that references them, for example:
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It is also possible to put them in the same directory; either way, these places will be searched if a path contained in an .mxm is not valid. You can also set up search paths in maxwell/mxed/studio, and in the plugin (in the Preferences), which will be used to find missing references, as well. It may also be helpful to know about the File > Pack and Go MXM function in MXED; I would recommend using that when initially downloading an MXM, before putting it (and its textures) into your local material library directory.
Thanks for your answer but it's not really the issue I have. I know about the structure of the mxm file and search path. On my main computer I have a clear structure of my mxm files sorted by the topic of the materials (e.g. emitters, fabric, colors, ... etc.) I just thought there would be another way to work with mxm files in the content browser. Fore example I build up a library with furniture. I have all the furniture in my library plus a file named textures. It is not possible to load the textures from the directory of the content browser. So transferring the library to another computer I always have to relink the path to the materials or do I missing something?
I have to copy the depending mxm gallery together with the library to give them to someone else. Do you know what I mean?
It sounds like you mean you want materials in the library to reference files directly in the library, instead of on disk. There may be ways for the plugin to do that, but it doesn't at the current time; when you drag a material into the library, it is stored there just like it is, and that's how it will be when you drag it out again later. If I'm following your workflow, the problem is that while you have a nicely-structured MXM library on disk, once you have put a material in the content browser, in order to use it without any broken file references on another machine, you'd need to duplicate the on-disk structured MXM library on that machine.

One way to handle that is with an unconventional usage of the Pack & Go function: open a new model, drag some materials from your content browser into the materials list, make a Scene Object, enable Pack & Go, and write an MXS to a folder somewhere. In that folder, you'll have an MXS file (not specifically needed, but it will contain all the materials, and since you can drop an MXS onto the preview in the plugin's material editor to import all its materials) and a "textures" sub-folder with all the textures used by the materials. Now, you can just take this folder to the other machine and put it next to your Cinema file, and all the textures will be found.

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