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By eric nixon
Hi JD,

I am using channel1 (set to cubic if that has any effect) to map the particles, I just noticed that it only works if there is some rotation in the material settings, (rotation-0 breaks the mapping).


Gravel simulated with realflowC4D, (The driving dynamics are cached with far fewer realflow particles, but they are dynamically interacting with the tyres.)
By JDHill
When I use channel 1, the texture is cube-mapped (internally, in the particles extension -- it does not use the texture tag projection) onto each particle, individually. However, the size at which each is mapped is controlled by the texture tile; the offset & rotation also have an effect, which means that the particles can also be mapped as a group, simultaneously (each side of each particle showing its portion of the texture). So, I would say, maybe play with those a bit and let me know if you can see what's happening. I'm just testing with a particle emitter here, set to output a pretty dense brick of particles.
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By eric nixon
Sorry JD i forgot about this thread over xmas.

I'm not seeing what you describe, I'm seeing weird results so I gave up.


I just see a block of particles without any texture (they turn a dull shade of pink) and a block of particles with the same pixel of the texture map applied to each... until I activate rotation (any amount) and then I get this kind of effect;


Which could be useful in some cases, but I really want to blend some flat+cubic maps onto the particle group blended with this random variation per particle. I also need to have the mapping stick to particles.

This map is applied with cubic projection at a large scale


Maybe procedurals would be a better approach for texturing a volume.
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