By Wynott
I bought a model on turbosquid for a project I'm working on and the native file is in C4D. The other file format meshes supplied are basically full manifold and I need to apply different materials to parts. Rhino's mesh tools aren't so great and I'm really pulling my hair out fumbling with it.

I'm hoping there's a kind soul out there that wouldn't mind looking at the C4D file and potentially exporting it with the parts as separate pieces if it's easy and the native file is set up that way.

By JDHill
Since Rhino is what I use for any commercial 3D work, I own my license of that, but my Cinema licenses are NFR, supplied for purposes of development, so I wouldn't feel comfortable doing work with them that ends up being used for commercial purposes. However -- have you already tried importing an OBJ (or other) of the model into Studio, and setting up materials & assignments there? Once it is prepared, you can then use an MXS reference to bring the model into Rhino.
By Wynott
Thanks Jeremy

I've never really used Studio and I'm swamped. I'm not particularly knowledgeable about polygonal modelling. In Rhino anyway I was having to extract the mesh surfaces from each nut and bolt etc. I don't really have it in me right now to learn Studio.

I'd rather pay someone for an hour to handle it for me.
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