By gawrondavid
When applying the Maxwell hair tag to the hair object in C4D, everything works well until I add a texture to the density channel in the C4D hair material.

For example: I can add a noise texture to the Length channel in the C4D hair material to control the length of the hair. If I take that same noise texture and apply it in the Density channel, Maxwell and C4D will crash when I render through Fire.

Any help would be appreciated.

By JDHill
I'm not able to reproduce this, so please send (via Dropbox or similar) a C4D file that demonstrates it, along with the textures you are using, and let me know more about your situation (OS & version, version of Cinema, Maxwell, and Maxwell for Cinema 4D).
By gawrondavid
Sorry for the delay in response. I've attached a simple file that is giving me a crash every time. In the C4D hair material, I'm using a noise shader for length and density of the grass. Once in a while I get fire to render it, but most of the time it crashes. I've also provided some renders that have worked using this method, but like I said, most of the time I get a crash.

Dropbox link. ... mJVHa?dl=0

C4D R16
Maxwell Render 3.1
OSX Yosemite 10.10.4
By JDHill
Thanks; I am able to reproduce the crash here (even using the most recent beta), but I can't tell you what might be the cause, except to say that it appears to occur in the MGrassH extension, which is used to render hair as curves. And indeed, if you change the Maxwell Hair tag > Primitive > Type to Flat (or Cylinder) instead of Curve, you should find that it no longer crashes. I also find that if I control density using Hair Object > Hairs > Growth > Density, rather than the hair material, this also does not crash, whether using the Cylinder type or otherwise. So please try these things there, and confirm that you see the same behavior.
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