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By Neb
Hi JDHill

Today I upgraded my Cinema plugin to 3.1.5 version and of course Maxwell to current early build version too. I have problems with exporting scene to Maxwell. I receive an message like:

Export failed. [reason: SDK call writeMXS failed]

I made some tests and discovered that a part of objects are reason for that. When I turn off from render these objects in Cinema, rest of all are exporting without problems. Next I turned on all objects and delete from problematic objects all material and selection tags. After that operation everything is exporting now correctly. If I add again materials for objects which were deleted materials also the entire scene works fine during export. What is the reason for that ? I can prepare a simple C4D scene with one of the problematic objects for you if you would like to check it.

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By Neb
new informations:

I discovered on of prrmatic objects with textres in Maxwell material. I delete tags and apply again Maxwell material to the object. Everything works fine if I leave the mapping on default UV projection. If I change mapping type to cubic again this object cause export failed.
By JDHill
It's possible you may find more information reported in the Cinema Console window (typically found at main menu > Script > Console). But please send me (jeremy at nextlimit dotcom) a C4D file that reproduces it, too, so I can look for the reason.
By JDHill
Thanks for sending the files; it appears to be related to problems with the meshes, which are cleaned up by main menu > Mesh > Commands > Optimize. I have replied in more detail via email.
By JDHill
Sorry, but I don't know what you mean by saying you're waiting for news -- have you received my email?
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By Neb
I received your email with detailed explanations, thank you. All is clear. I'm affraid that new SDK behavior could generate a problems with imported meshes. I always import a lot of objects like trees, bushes and never had this problem before. The mesh cleaning helps to solve these problems but what if it won't work with particular object... Maxwell always "eat" crazy 3d stuff without problems :) By the way now it works and I can continue work :) My scene was modeled in Modo, and you right that all objects are imported objects into Cinema. The second scene I made in Modo 901 and render it in Modo. Problems with emitters looks weird and also include error message with triangles problem. But no triangles in object. I'm going to try catch the problematic situation and send a scene to check.
Jeremy thank you very much for your help and fast answer!
By JDHill
All I can say is that there's not much that can be done about dealing with bad meshes other than fixing them, and that when I've seen these types of issues, the geometry has generally been imported from some other application.

On triangles with emitter materials, maybe I need to clarify that when I say you cannot assign emitter materials to triangles, or triangle selections, I just mean that you cannot assign an emitter at the sub-object level. In other words, it does not matter whether you are assigning it to triangles or quads (or any other way of assigning at the sub-object level). You would need to split the object apart so that the emitting part is its own object.
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By Neb
Yes, I'll be optimize the meshes. For Modo problem with emitters. I always create a clean and simple meshes for emitters both in Cinema or Modo. When I'm working with Modo with emitters everything works fine and after a period of time withou leaving a program, suddenly I receive error message in fire and when I'm trying export scene. I examined the emitter problematic object. Counted a points, looked at polygons to be sure that mest is clean. Once I deleted emitter mesh and created a new one by only simple four points polygon. The same problem. When I left Modo and open again with the same scene everything works fine until the same moment when Modo says that problem with emitters. I'll try to record that :)
By JDHill
Yes, but please ask about it in the Modo plugin forum, because I don't know anything about Modo or its plugin.
By fv
Hi Jeremy, mostly do my work in Sketchup but recently also doing work in Vectorworks and export to Cinema 4D.
We also use the Laubwerk plugin in C4D. There are some material problems exporting to Maxwell but I will test that properly later.

Trying to render our Vectorworks models in C4D with the Maxwell plugin doesn't work out really. Fire runs perfect but in general I get this exporting to Maxwell:
Export failed. [reason: SDK call writeMXS failed]

And when the export to Maxwell works out I get this.
ERROR: - Can't open: /var/folders/kk/nblw0tyn6hjbp8csjz80p9dw0000gn/T/TMP_VECTORWORKS_FILE.FZEzlN.mxs
ERROR: - Please check the file exists and its permissions.

I will test a little more.Optimizing the mesh is no option since this command is grayed out for most of the geometry in C4D.

Exporting a laubwerk tree results in the transparancy mappings not working. The geometry exports fine though.

Hope the above gives any hint at what might be going on.
By JDHill
About all I can tell you without seeing a model is to do as suggested above and open main menu > Script > Console to see if any errors are printed during MXS export. My guess would be that at least some of the input geometry has issues, and that you'll see messages printed there, detailing the nature of the errors, and the objects where they are occurring.
By Marc
Hello Guys,

Have the same issue's here, I checked, it indeed has something to do with the geometry. The former version of Maxwell rendered out everything.
I wasn't aware of problems with meshes. I use to buy some models online, but never crossed my mind to optimize the geometry besides issue's
that are noticeable :D
Anyway thanks for the advice JD


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