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By zoetropeuk

How on earth do you get accurate colour previews of Maxwell materials within the C4D viewport. Most of the materials show a greyscale version of the bumpmap only.

Matt Rogers
By JDHill
If a material shows a map, it is because that map is selected in the "Active Texture" dropdown, which is located just below the material preview image. MXM files contain an "active texture" (set similarly, in MXED), so when a material is created from an MXM, it may or may not already have a map selected as active.
By JDHill
It's not -- if a map is selected, then that map was selected in the MXM. The plugin doesn't randomly select it.
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By zoetropeuk
Well I've created dozens of materials and I've NEVER purposely selected a preview map. I didn't even know the option was available. I've just lived with the fact that some materials shows a colour preview and others a greyscale map.

By JDHill
What I can tell you is: there is an SDK function for retrieving the active texture while reading an MXM; if it returns a map, then the plugin makes that one active. I am aware of what I consider a design oversight in MXED, in that as far as I know, it provides no method (the plugin's material editor does) for setting the active texture to "none", but I am not aware of it arbitrarily deciding to set a map as active. But given your description, that would be the only possibility, so I'm going to look into it.

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