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By jc4d
Hi all,

Not sure if this is on my side or the plugin problem. The global bump get lost when Edit the material using Maxwell MXED.

Better to explain with some steps:
1 - Make a mxm with a texture on the global bump.
2 - Save that mxm
3 - Link the mxm
4 - Open again the Maxwell MXED, you will notice that the material has lost the global bump map.
5- Unlink the mxm and open it using Material Editor, now you will notice that the global bump map it exist and is active.

Now the question is... the final render will be affected by the "missing" global bump if the mxm keeps linked?

By JDHill
Glad it seems to be working, but I must say that it shouldn't be possible for one installation to affect the other, since they shouldn't be aware of each other.
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