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By Mihnea Balta
Which render menu? You need to use "Add Plugin" and select the maxwell.p file from the "support/maxwell" subdirectory of your Lightwave install path. After that, you can import the MaxwellMenuBranch.cfg file into your menu editor, to get buttons for the commonly used commands, but this is not strictly necessary if you want to set up the commands in a different way. This procedure hasn't changed from the 2.x plug-in, so you can follow the instructions from page 9 of the old manual if you need help importing the menu branch.
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By Mihnea Balta
Yes, volumetrics are supported. Add a null, open its properties panel and select "MaxwellVolumetricObject" from the "Add Custom Object" dropdown. The volume will default to 1x1x1 meters, but you can resize it by scaling the null.
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By Mihnea Balta
FiberFX does not export its data to other plug-ins (it doesn't have an API or a disk cache format), so we cannot support it. The same applies to Hypervoxels.
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By seghier
i ask lightwave support and they say : Octane Render supports FiberFX -so Maxwell should be able to add support as well.
but in octane website : Also FiberFX hair is not supported by Octane, this is a limitation of Lightwave SDK that doesn’t allow access to FiberFX hair data !
if you can contact the support for confirmation

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