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By PaZ
Hi Mihnea,
questions about this:

"the FIRE panel supports camera navigation"

- this is useful, but can we get some more info somewhere ? i.e. mousewheel zoom, which is most-used feature, seems quite slow in zooming in/out. A ny way to modulate the speed of zooming ? Again, can we just zoom in/out to check details without affecting real camera ?
- I met some cases where zooming seemed to raise dramatically DOF, even if nothing changed into Camera's properties.
- What's Camera Link for ?

By raduc
Hi Paolo,

Zooming is implemented by moving the camera position and keeping the target stationary, which changes the DOF. The speed of the zooming is modulated by the target distance, so the further away the camera is from the target, the more it will zoom.

The Link Cameras button writes the changes you make to the camera in FIRE to the camera in lightwave, so when that button is pressed if you rotate the camera in FIRE, the camera in Layout that is currently selected in FIRE will also rotate and so on.
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