By lee-o

I'm having issues with animations export from Lightwave 11.5
Some objects in the scene are exported randomly to mxs.

Everything works fine with version 11
Maxwell plugin 2.7.4


By toybox
It is possible that I'm having also the same issue, but I can't say it 100%, since I'm using Maxwell's export alongside a Master script.

It is the first time I've encountered this, however: in LW11.5, not in earlier versions. The problem is that some meshes will fail to export.

I've tried fiddling about with DynamicUpdate 0, thinking that it might be something to do with the mesh refreshing in Layout, but I can't really say if it helped. It is totally random; sometimes, after exporting repeatedly, it just fixes itself and has no problems.
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By dariolanza
Hello lee-o,

If this is an export issue happening with certain geometry, please send us one simple object that you can ensure it triggers the issue to our Support email.

We will try to find what is happening there.

Keep us informed.


Dario Lanza
By lee-o

sorry for late reply,

I found a workaround, not the best one, but after some modifications in the scene the problem occur, save the scene and reload it and all works fine.

I'm testing with the new plugin and I let you know.


live edit: All works fine with the plugin update.
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