By Toxie
Hi there!

I am back to Maxwell again, in and out couz of work :), but testing the plugin version 2.7.4 on Lightwave 11.0.3 and making any geometry to produce light make my Lightwave crash or behaving in a weird way... Suddenly the sky stops working or the materials don´t work as the suppose to.

I am also confuse about the material to use, shall I be using Maxwell Layered Material under shader folder, or Maxwell Material? I remember the good one to use is the Maxwell Render Material, is this right?

It will also be great having the manual for the Lightwave plugin soon too.

Thanks in advance
Hello Toxie,

The material you have to use is the "Maxwell Layered Material".

The other one "Maxwell Material" is still there to ensure compatibility with v1 materials, but is the old model, you won't need it anymore.

About the fail: Could you get a sequence of steps that triggers the fail? Could you indicate how could we reproduce the fail? This would help us to faster isolate what is happening there.


Dario Lanza
By Toxie
Hi Dario,
I just bring and sphere and give it a maxwell layered material into a basic scene. Then I just added an emitter material to the layer to make it a light, then it crashed. Some other times i tried to do the same it doesnt crash but the dome so the sky works weird...
The only way I can use lights in Lightwave is along the command light translation under the maxwell render options panel that converts spot, point and area into emitters.
Thanks for the quick response :)
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