By pixymboss

I have done some quick tests with the new grass basic settings on a large field (426m x 84m). It is very Ram consuming :(
On a smaller field (22m x 10m), Ram comsuption is quite fair.
By pixymboss
Yes with LOD on
By pixymboss
Mihnea Balta wrote:Do you mean during rendering, or in Lightwave?
During fire rendering or Maxwell render rendering. I did not render with lw off course.
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By Mihnea Balta
I was asking about LW because I wanted to make sure the ram isn't taken up by the viewport preview. The render itself can consume a lot of memory for grass because it's a geometric solution so it has to keep data about each blade. Multiply 426 by 84 and then by the density you've used and it will probably be a lot of blades.
By pixymboss
Thanks for this reply. It is what i though it is (true geometric and not instancing)
By nico_cad
hi boys, i'm new MWR user...and i've difficoult for apply grass effect in my object.
how can see the grass???
who can explain me the system?
By pixymboss
It is just a modifier to add to your grass object.
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