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By Ernesto

I am trying to recreate the MAGROUND competition challenge, but am having troubles mapping the ground plane.
If you remember Maground provided an HDRI spherical background together with a high res still image:
The HDRI was used for lighting meanwhile the HIGH RES for background.
The key is the ground, that should be UV mapped to match the background perspective for the camera.

This is where I am having problems.
I tried UV to match camera but it is not working...
Any help will be greately appreciated!

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By Ernesto
Just to make it clearer, here I am posting an image from the MAGROUND competition.


The ground is a flat plane in the scene, and the material uses the same textures as the background, just that it is mapped in perspective mode.
Then it is possible to place an object as the bike, and have shadows reflections and any lighting interaction between the 3d model and the background image through the ground plane...
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By Ernesto
Dear Burnin,

I remember it was used by all the participants in the Maxwell competition then. although I couldn´t do it at that time because I had Maxwell 1, and it was for version 2. Now I tried to do that , but I cannot remember how to do it...
Perhaps one of the participants could help...

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By Ernesto
I am re-reading the posts at the Maground Competition: ... 32&t=40247
And some of they speaks on a shadow channel to be added in posproduction and some other talks on a plane with perspective projection...
I am confused...

What I want to do, is to place a model which will project shadows and colorfull lights, so that the ground will interact with the model, through lighting and reflections on the model surface....

Is that possible in Maya + maxwell?

Here it seems that it was possible;
Since I can see the reflections of the headlights on the ground.....
But I am not sure if the ground belongs to the background image, or if this is a real plane, which borders were difused in photoshop....
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