Could someone confirm that displacement type Loop/Catmull-Clark isn't working in MayaPlugin 3.1.9 ?

What is interesting, same object (simple cube) is working with Studio, but following error shows up in console when I launch render from Maya.

[Flat type is working as it should.]

[Extension SubdivisionModifier] Modifying mesh..
ERROR: - [Extension SubdivisionModifier] An edge connecting two vertices was specified more than once. It's likely that an incident face was flipped
ERROR: - [Extension SubdivisionModifier] This object cannot be subdivided.

tested with Windows 7 x64 SP1, Maya 2015 SP5, Maxwell Render + MPlugin 3.1.9
The difference between Maya and Studio is that when you import the obj into Studio, it gets triangulated. The Maya plug-in exports quads when the object contains them, so the geometry which is subdivided is not the same in the two cases.

It looks like the engine has a bug in the subdivision code when quads are present. I've forwarded the problem to the engine guys.
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