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By Mihnea Balta
Version 3.0.8
  • added noise 3D parameters to the volumetric object
  • fixed: the intensity for projected textures wasn't exported correctly
  • fixed: emitters created for Maya lights were exported as disabled
  • fixed: possible crash when translating legacy (1.x) materials to layered materials on scene load
  • fixed: the control for displacement offset was disabled when the type was set to vector
  • fixed: the sea object didn't update in FIRE
  • fixed: volumetric objects disappeared from FIRE when their parameters were changed
  • fixed: the Maxwell camera controls were missing in Maya 2012
  • fixed: reversed enable state for the lens FOV parameter in Maya 2012
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 3.0.12
  • added support for Maya 2015
  • creating a new custom alpha channel adds the currently selected objects to the channel
  • added a shelf button which allows custom alpha channel mappings to be edited on several objects at once
  • added missing Maxwell scatter parameters
  • when a custom alpha channel is renamed, its name is updated in all the scene nodes which were using it
  • pack'n'go now copies texture files used by referenced MXM materials, files used by RFRK nodes and file sequences used by animated textures and MXS references
  • fixed: Maxwell scatter density, scale and rotation maps weren't exported
  • fixed: wrong defaults and ranges for scatter variation and rotation parameters
  • fixed: correlated color emitters were exported as XYZ and vice-versa
  • fixed: the time input of the sea node was replaced with the default value when loading a scene
  • fixed: wrong unit for the time of the sea node (frames were passed as seconds)
  • fixed: incorrect scale and density range exported for Maya fluids
  • fixed: incorrect displacement presets for RealFlow and Modo
  • fixed: the plug-in was incorrectly adding the frame number to ABC files used by the RFRK particle node
  • fixed: realflow BIN meshes were displayed incorrectly in the viewport
  • fixed: bogus values in the displacement-related dropdowns in the material attribute editor
  • fixed: incorrect camera target (and therefore DOF) if the linear unit was set to something other than centimeters when the camera was created
  • fixed: incorrect lighting and normal mapping for objects with Maxwell materials in Viewport 2.0
  • fixed: MXM import ignored emitter projection textures
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 3.0.15
  • removed obsolete parameters from the UI of the scatter node
  • non-absolute MXS and MXI paths are considered relative to the project path
  • fixed: wrong viewport preview for boolean objects when Maya is in Z up mode
  • fixed: region rendering only worked when using the camera set as renderable in the scene settings
  • fixed: possible crash when displaying a scatter node in the viewport
  • fixed: MXS references were not inheriting render flags and were ignoring custom alpha assignments
  • fixed: exporting a MXS during pack'n'go ignored render settings
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 3.1.11
  • added support for Maya 2016
  • fixed: MEL error about setParent when loading the plug-in
  • added the *.prt extension mask to the Maxwell Particles file dialogs
  • converted materials use the name of the original material, but with an added "Conv" suffix
  • fixed: layered materials converted automatically from legacy materials did not show up in Hypershade
  • fixed: the plug-in was not able to obtain a license on Linux if Shave&Haircut; was also installed (or any other plug-in which uses RLM)
  • added the *.exr file mask in the browser dialog for RFRK mesher displacement files
  • the volumetric object no longer adds a frame number in the exported particle file path if one isn't present in the file selected by the user. Also improved the detection of the frame padding in case a frame number has to be inserted.
  • fixed: "no layer selected" error when clicking the Blocked Emitters button in the AE for a mesh
  • fixed: wrong viewport preview for the sea object when Maya was in z-up mode
  • fixed: wrong positions for exported particles when Maya was set in z-up mode
  • fixed: native lights were not included in the list of blockable emitters
  • fixed: no VDB file mask in the volumetric object file open dialog
  • fixed the translation from legacy materials to layered was broken
  • added support for mapping magnitudes to UV channels in the RFRK mesher
  • fixed: instances produced by the MASH plug-in (and other 3rd party instancers) were not rendered
  • added support for UDIM textures
  • added settings for extra sampling in the render options dialog
  • fixed: volumetric objects did not work
  • fixed: crash when changing the state of the color management setting (Maya 2015 Extension 1)
  • added support for a new hair primitive: curves
  • added support for per-material alpha channels
  • added back support for custom light geometry (MXS references)
  • fixed: volumetric objects could not be exported on Windows 8
  • fixed: wrong rotation for spot lights in FIRE
  • fixed: floating shadows and reflections were not visible when rendering in Draft mode
  • fixed: when launching Maxwell on Linux, an intermediary process was created, instead of parenting Maxwell directly under the main Maya process
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 3.1.12
  • fixed: FIRE was still running in the background after closing its window
  • fixed: the render resolution for FIRE was capped at 720 pixels horizontally the first time it was started during a Maya session due to misbehaving licensing code
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By F. Tella
Version 3.2.12
  • Increased the range of the Parallax Distance camera parameter.
  • Set the default value for the stereo separation camera parameter to 6.5.
  • When creating a stereo camera rig, the center camera also shows the Maxwell Render rollup in the attribute editor.
  • Updated the plug-in API to allow other plug-ins to export Maxwell hair.
  • Fixed: wrong output image name when using the <Scene> macro and running an interactive batch render.
  • Fixed: the RF BIN mesh loader object did not update in the viewport when changing the current time.
  • Fixed: the output image format was reset to PNG when saving a scene that was using EXR.
  • Fixed: slow voxelization in FIRE.
  • Fixed: adding a new customa alpha channel and selecting "no" when prompted to add the selection to it assigned all the objects in the scene to that channel.
  • Fixed: environment preview did not work in Viewport 2.0.
  • Fixed: objects with semitransparent Maxwell materials did not appear correctly or at all in Viewport 2.0.
  • Fixed: area lights did not appear in the "Block Emitter" dialog.
I hope you enjoy it.

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