By Backlyte

I'm still relatively a newbie to maxwell and I am looking for help with using emitters. I can never seem to get them to show up properly and
I am not sure if its a scaling issue or are my camera settings not correct. If anybody is an expert at lighting through maya using maxwell can you
please assit me. We can skype or talk on the phone or email I just need HELP! I am in Sanfrancisco time zone.
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By gadzooks
Is your scene modeled 1 to 1? That's usually the case with a lot of emitter questions. If you project is a interior and it measures 500 feet x 500 feet a 100 watt light bulb wont be very bright. Hope this helps
By Backlyte
Hmm 1 to 1 in what aspect? I have my maya increments set to feet. Should I set it back to inches instead than? I only use feet because when I don't I tend to get blurry images but I guess that's my camera aim work. Ill try that and see! Thanks
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By gadzooks
It could be either 1" = 1" or 1' = 1'. If all else fails just try and increase the emitter strength. Thats what i do almost 100% of the time. If it looks good and the light has 100,000 lumen then so be it. Try that and see. Hope this helps. Gadzooks

Also I created this FAQ a while back to help people. Give it a read it might help ... 15&t=36779
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