By daimon
I have some scenes I created back in the beta times and I need to re-render some of the still images. Is there a way to translate all those materials? Everytime I try to render a scene from beta maxwell it renderers red.
Is about 50 materials and is a lot of work to redo all.

By daimon
I am trying to find out what is causing the crash, I think its a shader, I will test it some more and I will let you know if I find the bad shader. Thanks for the offer, but its a huge file about 30mb.
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By Mihnea Balta
When you say that it crashes, do you mean an actual crash, like Maya quitting, or simply that it doesn't start to render?

Your scene doesn't render on my computer because the camera "camera1" has both the film width and height set to 0. I see that the film size is driven by some expression, but the expression doesn't seem to work. I suppose that's because a very old version of the plug-in used to do this (the "MXCamera3" node of unknown type also suggests this). Once you delete all those expressions and set the film size to a sane value, the scene renders fine (except you get red materials, obviously).

Note that this will be a problem even if you don't render from that camera, because the current plug-in tries to export all the cameras present in the scene.

If you do get an actual crash, please follow the instructions found here and send me the crash log. Which version of Maya are you using? Do you have the latest plug-in (version 2.7.8)?
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