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By choo-chee
Mihnea I know you probably had enought of me today, however I must ask this:
how come MR "likes" to use the same green for about half of my scenes...?
I started to change the material id colors by myself since for some reason MR picks the exact green for different materials...
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By Mihnea Balta
The material ID color is derived from the material name so that it's consistent between frames of the same animation. If it was purely random, the same material would get a random color in each frame, so keying would be a nightmare.

I think the algorithm itself has a problem, since if the names of two materials are similar, they get the same color (or colors which are very close). However, that's an engine thing, so it should be posted in the main forum. If you know the names of the materials which get the green color, please give them to me, so I can try to reproduce the issue and report it directly to the engine developers.
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By choo-chee
I usually right-click an object and select "assign maxwell material".
since many of them are created as new - their names are "maxwell material 1 ...2 ...3" so maybe that's the cause ?
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