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By egmehl
It seems like there hasn't been much in the way of development on the Max plugin for a while now. Are there plans for the future to continue improving it, or is it just in maintenance mode now?

A few things I've brought up but haven't seen movement on:
  • Integrating better with the new Physical Camera introduced in 2016 - especially the lens shift that may or may not be compatible with Maxwell's implementation?
  • Adding script access to Maxwell Bitmaps "show in viewport" toggle
  • Better handling of emitters in multi-materials. Right now we have to break up the object so the emitters are separate, which seems like something the exporter could easily do.
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By Mihnea Balta
We are working on several improvements as part of a major plugin update, but there's no set date for its release yet. In the mean time we're also making fixes and small updates for the current version.
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