Hey Next Limit,
I'm pretty sure this feature isn't part of the current plugin (3.2.4). I didn't see it in the 3ds Max UI, but it is mentioned in the Maxwell Docs:

http://support.nextlimit.com/display/mx ... ysical+Sky

Would it be possible to add this to the plugin? I have a stock photo that I need to align a daylight system to and I have no idea where or when it was taken. There's enough hard shadows in the image that I could probably fake it if I could locate the sun with a vector.

Alternatively, I could work out the daylight placement in Maxwell Studio, go back and add my geometry over the backplate, then import my model back into Maxwell Studio and reapply the daylight settings. It would just be really nice to be able to use FIRE and the 3ds Max UI to do the whole setup.

Thanks Next Limit!
I thought of another work around. I ended up using Maxwell Studio to manually adjust the sky. Then I just saved it out as an HDR so I could load it into 3ds Max quickly. I did have to substantially reduce the exposure of the HDR image though. All of the color values were way beyond +20. It took about a -4.5 EV adjustment to bring the brightest values within < 20.

Just thought I'd share. Thanks guys!

In order to specify a sun vector directly in Max, you need to use a daylight system. Create a daylight system, open the render options window, go to environment settings in the renderer tab, select the daylight system in the "use a daylight system" dropdown, and click the "use from daylight system" radio button below. Make sure "Manual" position mode is selected for the daylight system, and you'll be able to control the light vector by moving the sun gizmo in the Max viewport.
Ahh yes! Thanks Mihnea!

I don't know why I couldn't figure that out last night, but that worked perfectly! I guess I've been plugging away at this project for too long :)

Take care!
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Thanks Luis, it's great to see progress with MW!

Thanks Fernando!