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By stir
Hey again.

Got another Hairfarm issue it seems.
Doesn't look like Maxwell is mapping the bitmap that is applied to the thickness slot correctly.

Default: No maps is applied to the hairfarm modifier this is our startingpoint. No i am going to apply the map that is already applied to the plane for visual guide, to controll the hairs.
It is a checker with bright white and a greytone.


Length: The checker map is applied to the length slot of the hairfarm modifier. You can see it clearly respects the map and applies the effect only to the grey zones.


Thickness: The map is only applied to the thickness slot. you can see its not respecting the map, and instead just putting the grey value everywhere.


I cant supply a MXS for this since this is a calculation done in 3ds max before an eventual MXS is created.

Download link for the 3ds max file and the checkermap if someone with a hairfarm license wants to take a look.

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By Mihnea Balta
Unfortunately Maxwell does not support variable hair width. All the hairs must have the same root and tip radius, so the plug-in just fetches the width of the first hair and sends that to the renderer.
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Thanks Luis, it's great to see progress with MW!

Thanks Fernando!