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By stir
After upgrading to latest version in both maxwell and 3ds max (3.2)
It solved alot of my troubles with Hairfarm. But i came across a different problem.

I am not allowed to use Motionblur (Motion+Deformation). it will just give me an error message and the option to abort render.
I can however use Motion, but not with Deformation.

A screecapture of the process.

I am working on exporting out MXS but it seems to keep crashing max...... so might be another problem.

Maxwell do officially support Hairfarm right? because i hate to bother you bussy guys with this stuff if you don't.

Best regards
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By stir
Did some more tests.
The crashing when trying to export the sphere with the hair on as mxsrefrence was due to some memmory issues. restarting 3ds max solved that.

For the rendering with motionblur problem.
Importing a MXSref of the sphere with hair on and deleting the original one i was able to render with motion+deformation.
and as far as i could see the MXSref was correctly rendering the sphere and the hair.

so this is putting me a bit clueless on what might be the problem.

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By stir
nope. Seems like the MXSref is immune to motionblur


compared the mxs ref to a regular sphere. same movement, same all.
the sphere is getting MB the MXSref ain't.

then i grew some hair on the motionblured ball
this is with only motion in the motionblur tab.


with deformation it still crashes.

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By Mihnea Balta
I will look into this again. I've tested motion blur in the updated plug-in and it worked fine, but I seem to have missed something.

I think there's an engine limitation related to motion blur and MXS references, I'll check with the engine guys.

We support Hairfarm officially, but even if we didn't, it's no bother to look into this stuff, we have to make the plug-in work in all circumstances (or at least not crash if something is not supported).
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By stir
Yey Mihnea!!!

Checked out your latest plugin. 3.2.4
and it nails it.

Motion + deformation works perfectly and no crashes so far.
You also fixed MXSRef motionblur? because when i tested now, it worked! So that's a great plus to.

Thanks for the support!
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