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By stir

I just upgraded everything to the latest beta version.
Maxwell engine ( win x64
3ds max plugin 3.2.1

i also installed the latest version of Hair Farm Ultimate (2.5.6 (build 180)

Now i am sitting with a rather annoying bug when i am rendering.
the hairfarm ain't sticking to the location of the object it grows on.

Here is 2 images that better helps describe the problem.



what i did to test this.

Open 3ds max with a new empty scene.

Create a sphere in 0.0.0 space

add hairfarm generate on the sphere.

that's it, everything else stays perfectly default.

hit render and it looks fine, just like the first image.
Now move the sphere in any direction, in my test i moved it 50 cm in x.

hit render.

And now you can see it ain't sticking to the mesh anymore. Its like the position coordinats for the hairfarm is multiplying. Because the further the sphere gets from the 0 0 0 origin the further the space between the sphere and the hair will be.

Hope you guys have time to look in to this.


3ds max 2015 x64
Windows 7 x64

Best regards
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By Mihnea Balta

Hairfarm used to give us positions in object space, so we had to export the transformation information just like we did for regular meshes. I see that has changed now and they give us world positions. I'll update the plug-in accordingly.

I cannot reproduce the issue with the object being duplicated in FIRE after dragging it. I think it was a bug in the beta build of FIRE, and it seems fixed in the development version which will be packaged into the next release of the plug-in.
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By stir
Thank you Mihnea!! this is great!

Installed all the new updates and the hair seems to sit were it suppose to :D
i tried both object animation and vertex animation and it seems correct.

I did however encounter a different problem but ill start a new thread for that.
For this specific problem, it seems all is resolved!


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