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By stir

Is multi/sub-Object material not supported in Backface material in 3ds max?

What i am doing is:

I have a book. where i want to shade 5 pages of it.
each page is a single sided plane. So instead of going trough the hassle of giving it thickness and mapping both sides i wanted to try backfaced material.

for testing purposes i tried on a single plane first.
Made a front material and a back material. Added the front material to the plane and the backmaterial to the backface properties.

(PS: whould have been nice with a flip option under the backface properties, because now i need to go in to the maps in the backface material and switch the U 1 to U -1 to flip it)
This worked perfectly.

Now when i want to do this for multiple pages. I thought the easiest way whould be to give each of the pages individual material ID's then apply a multisub to them.
I made a front material (a multi/sub with 5 ID slots with a maxwell material in each with there respective texture map)
Applied that to the planes.
Worked like a charm.

Now i wanted to do the same for the Backside so i copied the multi/sub front material, renamed it, changed the respective texture maps and flipped them.
Then assigned the material in the Backface material slot.

No luck. it renders like there is no material assigned to the backface material slot

windows 7 x64
3ds max 2015 SP3

Maxwell render
Max plugin 3.1.8

Thanks for taking your time :)

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By stir
A little update on the issue.
In the first try i tried to apply the multi/sub directly to the backface material slot.
On this second try with no luck either i tried to select the individual maxwell material from innside the multi/sub. that did not work either. Seems like the material can't be nested or linked to the multi/sub in anyway.

So for now i am going to copy all the materials out from the multi/sub and assigne them individualy. It's messy but works :)

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Thanks Luis, it's great to see progress with MW!

Thanks Fernando!