Hi I´m trying to use the Image projector improvement in V3 with 3DSMax Plugin but I only find this option in the MXED

My question is ..... that if it´s like procedurals that only can be created on the MXED? oppppps!!!! Excuse me I don´t see the projected texture Slot in 3DSMax Material Editor... But what happen in the MXMLights?

And I try to project a texture but it doesnt work... and not only in 3DSMax... in maxwell studio too....I´m doing something wrong...


Thanks in advance....
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I find the solution for 3DSMax image projectors by my own, it seems a bit map normals problem because if you aply the material to a cube it proyects on (-Z) axis and the same for a Sphere, but for a plane you only need to:



PD: the only question that still remains is... and it´s is not possible to use that in MXLights? evidently NO but why isn´t the option in the MXLights Rollout?
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By dariolanza
Hello Pablo,

Regarding textures and emission, there are two different concepts:

- Projection images: new feature in Maxwell v3. You can project any texture map (jpg, png, tga...) but the emitting object must be an small sphere (not a plane) just like the IES lights do. The concept of an image projector is closely related to the concept of spot light.
The result is similar to an slides or cinema projector.

- Textured emitter: not new, it is the emission using an HDRI or MXI map. The image is not projected, but defines the colors of the emission themselves. Is the option you use to mimic an emitting tv screen. It is usually applied to a plane surface.

And about the normals, the emission is always casted in the direction of the polygons normals. Are you experiencing any other behavior?

Dario Lanza
But why is an sphere the object that has to emit the light, in the documentation talks about a plane...: ... projection

"Setting it up: To set up a projector, simply create a small plane object...." but When you Try in Max to do it with a plane... It renders Black in both sides... for sure...

After this I read in this forum somebody talking about the Sphere you talk me... but with a sphere the projection produces in (-Z) and this give me the idea to try to do it in a plane like said in the Documentation....

and I Do a plane and add it an Edit Modifier, After that I entry on polygon subobject level... I select all faces and Flip them... For this and due to the documentation information saying that it need to be a plane I thought it was a "Normals" or "Orientation" mistake something like this... but...I don´t know really...

And the last question is that if Maxwell Render will implement this option "Lobe" on the MXLihgts to match the settings on a emitter with the MXLights? because I think is a pity that they aren´t totally equivalents to offer all the MXLights advantages with same Settings...well is only an oppinion...

Thanks in advance!!!
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By dariolanza
Hello Pablo,

Yes, the image projectors are meant to be used on small panes, mimicking the size of the slide glass on a real projector.
But it is also true that on the latest version the image projection from planes are having some problems (those causing the plane appear black and not emitting).

This is why at the moment we suggest you use an small sphere for the image projector, until we release a fix on the next version.


Dario Lanza

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