Hello Pablo,

We've tested all the possibilities that can be related to your case and we are always getting a good result both when the emitter object is a reference and even when it has an emitting MXM material that is also a referenced material as well.

What file are you appying to that light object that is producing the "spectral file not found" message?

Let me know.

Dario Lanza
Excuse me Dario but I don´t understand what´s "the emitter object is a reference"... you refer to an MXLigt? May be I not explain well what I did..

I explain you what I try to do better... (I´m doing it at the same time to check it another time)

1- I open 3DSMax
2- I create a Box and a MXLight (box with size 50x50x50cm and emitter on posittion x:100 y:0 z:180 rotation Y:45º with size 200x200 cm and Intensity 100.000 Lux)
3- I assign like renderer Maxwell Render and in environment settings Sky type to NONE
3- I export the Scene to Maxwell Studio (With export a referenced MXS button... Objects: Entire Scene, Time out:Current Frame)... creating a MXS .
4- I close 3DSMax and open the MXS produced by the exportation in Maxwell Studio
5- I try to render
6- I obtain this message I Show you above and can´t render....

That´s all... Really I don´t understand the error message...

If I do the same procedure with a typical emitter (plane with a material same settings that in MXLight) it renders without problems in Maxwell Studio...

I don´t know what happens or what´s the reason to it...

Thanks in advance!
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