To do some Studio Lighting while I do material probes, I try it using umbrellas and ortogonal softbox with HDRI...etc but When you put an HDRI on a MXLight it´s Mapped in this way... this is normal? or is a Bug?


Thanks in advance!
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By dariolanza
Hello Pablo,

No, this is not a bug. The mapping of any HDRI map on an emission texture depedns only on the mapping coordinates of that object. Simply adjust the uv mapping of that object and ensure that the mapping of that texture are set to Repeat=1 and Offset=0 in both x and y.

And about tincting the HDRI map: the HDRI map itself provides information about both color and intensity, so not tincting is possible on the BDSF. The place to tinct an HDRI map is in Photoshop, where working in 32Bits mode, you can make adjustments on any HDRI map (color tincting, exposure, masking, etc) and re-export a new HDRI map to be directly used.

Let me know if this answers your questions.


Dario Lanza
Thanks for the quick answer Dario, but...

In 3DSMax I can´t put an UVWMap to a MXLight, I think you don´t understand me... or I don´t understand you...

If I put a MXLIGHT (not a plane emitter) in a Scene with MXI/HDR texture slot ticked and I assign a HDRI on it, when I render I obtain the HDRI like those one above... offset 50%.

I can´t adjust the uv mapping of that object... and the HDRI on a MXLight are offset... due to it I question if it was a bug...

and about the tinting I understand you, but may be It could be a good option to add in MXLights, put some kind of filter Like Photo Filter from Photoshop how option to tint the HDRI and to put cool and warm filters, the technical intricacies that it needs I really don´t know,... may be It´s impossible.... probably...but only was an idea (and I never think about something is impossible... XD).

I think it could be not so difficult to correct this... I don´t know... or take out this option because seems not works correctly...


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