By Frank1000
i was trying to setup the texture size with maxwell v3 in 3ds. I tried maxwell texture settings first, then the UVW Map Modifier size settings. Both would show tweaking changes in the viewport but not in the ActiveShade. I basically want to use a metric approachm where i define the size of the maxwell materials, and then use it in the 3ds scenes based on the unit settings of the scene. I checked the downloadable Maxwell 3ds Plugin manual, but it doesn't address this feature there.
How is this done ?

Also, why am i getting an exclamation mark in the maxwell node ?


By Frank1000
Thx Fernando,
suddenly it works with UVW Map settings as expected :-O ... probably the restart in between fixed a hanger.
By Frank1000
Bubbaloo wrote:I can address the exclamation point issue. It appears any time you change anything about the material, indicating you need to refresh the preview.
do you mean View / Redraw All Views ? Or another refreshing the preview? In the ActiveShade the changes i've made are re-rendered simultaneously without reexporting.
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